JSM engines show strength at the first two HSCC rounds

May 2014

Donington Park

70's Roadsports qualifying saw Julian Barter (Lotus Elan) take pole position and Oliver Ford (Lotus Europa) take 2nd place with Oliver Ford gaining first place in the race.

Historic Road Sports qualifying saw Peter Shaw (Lotus Elan) gain pole position with Roger Waite (Lotus Elan) coming a close 2nd. Roger Waite then went on to win 1st in class and 2nd in the overall race.

Paul Tooms (Lotus Elan) came 1st in class and fastest lap in the Guards Trophy.


70's Roadsports qualifying results brought Oliver Ford in pole and James Dean 3rd place. Oliver Ford then went on to win the overall race and James Dean gained 2nd place.

Fantastic performance by Paul Tooms who came 2nd in Guards Trophy qualifying and 1st in the overall race beating the might of the V8 TVR Griffiths.